Learning To Negotiate For Sexual Satisfaction

Sex plays an important role in a marital relationship. It can also play an important role in why a marital relationship ends up in divorce as it is estimated that 1 in every 5 marriages, in the U.S., is sexless. If a sexless intimate relationship works for you and your partner, then carry on. However, if you are like the approximately 50 percent of persons who are not satisfied with their sex lives, then knowing how to negotiate for a fulfilling sex life is necessary. Read More 

3 Drug-Free Solutions To Get Some Zzzz

If you are struggling to sleep due to a serious case of insomnia, your doctor may suggest a prescription medication. While shocking for many people to learn, an estimated 38 million prescriptions have been written for a popular brand of sleeping pill. Although effective for treating insomnia, sleeping pills cause numerous side effects and can lead to a dangerous drug addiction. Using these drug-free, non-addictive solutions, you can treat your insomnia in a safer manner. Read More